Air, Strings and Keys

Thorwald Jorgensen, theremin;  Marc Djokic, violin;  Valerie Dueck, piano

The AIR, STRINGS AND KEYS Trio is a rare ensemble with the haunting and melodic sounds of the theremin and violin with piano. The group began from a wonderful collaboration during a summer music festival in Canada. This is a cross-continental group, with Marc from Montreal Canada, Thorwald the Netherlands and Valerie currently residing in Geneva. Together they bring together a rare blend of instruments to the stage. Their unique repertoire includes transcriptions and new commissions, and highlight pieces include Joseph Achron’s Hebrew Melody and Rachmaninov’s Ne Poy Krasavitsa.


Ne Poy Krasavitsa – Rachmaninov:


Hebrew Melody – Joseph Achron:


Thorwald Jorgensen, Marc Djokic