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Entrevue avec Ludwig Van Montreal –
Caroline Rodgers (October 14, 2017)

“Le violoniste montréalais originaire d’Halifax Marc Djokic deviendra le premier artiste en résidence dans l’histoire du Centre musical CAMMAC, l’été prochain. Avec sa bonne humeur habituelle, le tout récent lauréat du Prix Goyer s’est entretenu avec Ludwig van Montréal au sujet de cette nouvelle collaboration, du prix qu’il vient de remporter et de ses projets à venir.”

ARTSFILE  Q&A ‘ Chamberfest: Marc Djokic masters a mix of metal, marimba and his violin’ – Peter Robb, Artsfile  (July 31, 2017)

‘Then & Now: Alumni of Debut Atlantic’ – Debut Atlantic  (June 2017)

“Astonishing…   a certain inevitable perfection to his playing, as if he could not make an error or fail to deliver a single nuance to a note. Christopher Bergland, an ultrarunner, calls it superfluidity: “… a state of performing with zero friction, zero viscosity, and superconductivity — it is a state of absolute harmony and endless energy.” That’s the zone where Djokic was, stepping squarely into it each time he picked up his bow.”    The Buzz, PEI 

– “Famous Duets…”, Noncerto noncerto
Denise Djokic, Marc Djokic

“His concerts often include new concepts and collaborations which enable him to reach large audiences. An evening full of discoveries! ” — Renée Banville, La Scena (January 22, 2017)


Trio Tangere

“Sparkle,” by Matthias Maute for solo violin, set the diverted on a more abstract tangent, with spritely figures crackling from the wood of Marc Djokic’s instrument. I was left appropriately wanting more, much like fireworks and other things burning brightly…” — Curtis Perry, I Care if You Listen (August 6, 2014)

“…du violon de haut niveau. L’héritage musical est là, évident à chaque instant: dans le sens rythmique, dans le phrasé naturel, dans la sonorité égale…”  – Claude Gingras, LaPresse

Marc Djokic Claude Gingras LaPresse








“…An incredibly dynamic program including an unbelievably energetic and passionate performance of the Kreutzer Sonata.” – Syrinx Concert Series, Toronto 2014

“Marc Djokic outlined the upper register with a sweet, incisive tone and instinctive musicality…”  — Stephen Pedersen, The Chronicle Herald (June 14, 2011)

Beethoven Triple Scotia Fest Marc Djokic





Radio interview on CBC Kamloops, June 2013

Marc Djokic violinist Kamloops Symphony

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Marc Djokic Canada Council      Mecenat Musica Marc Djokic