Collaborations & Projects


The PERCUSSION & VIOLIN DUO of Beverley Johnston and Marc Djokic presents a new performance dynamic to the audience. The visual impact of the marimba and other on-stage electric-effects gear peak audience interest even before the first note is struck. The performance has a strong visual element which is seen from two very different approaches to playing two very different instruments. The result is harmonious and shines through with an upbeat and swinging choice of repertoire for the audience to discover. The repertoire focuses on Canadian and American composers, including a  commissioned piece written by Canadian composer Richard Mascall entitled “Quantum Holograms”.  This new work features the use of digital FX pedals with our instruments which only adds to the visual and sonic intrigue of the performance. This duo’s repertoire is energetic and entertaining, while keeping to the style of melodic, tonal music.


Trio Tangere

TRIO TANGERE:  is an exciting new ensemble with the uncommon combination of two guitars and violin.
The three members, Marc Djokic, violin, Jérôme Ducharme andLouis Trépanier, guitars, were already established virtuosi when they started performing together; from the first notes of the first rehearsal, they knew they had a magical simpatico in their playing. This ensemble performs exciting repertoire from the very small body of works already in existence for this instrument grouping, as well as adding to it by new commissions and transcriptions.


DUO DJOKIC/LEBLANC: the musical duo Marc Djokic & Julien Leblanc have brought a new appreciation of live concerts to audiences across Canada with style and high energy. Having toured from coast to coast, they have filled the house from large cities to small towns. This duo proposes a range of ready programs from classical to contemporary, and also enjoy performing contemporary works from award-winning Canadian composers.